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God will only give, what is written in your destiny. If you want more, strive for more… - AKC
AKC Group started its business in 2010. Since its inception way back in 2010, AKC Group has provided the best products and services to its clients. The company’s dynamic efforts and business acumen oversaw the transformation of the company from a company that offered a limited amount of products and services to an organization that now offers the complete range of products and services.
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AKC Group is dedicated to continuing progress in quality and efficiency to ensure
that products and services meet customers’ needs and expectations.
Increased industrial activities and production brings with it greater unrest and more security threats.
Our housekeeping services are particularly concentrated on “Total Quality Management (TQM)”.
AKC is a one-stop-shop for all security needs for both the manpower based as well as electronic security services.
We offer degree & diplomas to its student in the different fields of Security Management.
We are in the business of effectively understanding your manpower requirements.
There are various types of sanitation services implemented by AKC Group inmany cities across the country.
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We recognize and believe that empowering people is a key element in planning for quality and efficiency. We will maximize their capabilities through a process of education and training in the fundamentals of teamwork and quality assurance.
Training And Management
Manpower Services
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AKC Services

Our Security Experts

The Security Experts that come under AKC Group are as follows:
Brig. Tarun Madan (Retd)
Security Adviser
Lt. Col. V.K.Singh (Retd)
Company Manager
Col. Anup Chopra (Retd)
Security Consultant
Lt. Col. S.K.Nagpal (Retd)
Security Consultant